I’d started out with the first column of this list titled “Need”, but then decided that that was a very loose use of that word. I mean, really, we don’t need almost anything to take care of and raise a baby. I think our culture and the marketing industry does a stellar job of making us feel like we truly must have all of the best things in order for our children to have happy, healthy lives, but the large majority of what we purchase when we have a baby is fluff. Nice fluff. Very convenient fluff. But still… fluff. That being said, our family also has PLENTY of it. This post, and the following posts, are in no way casting judgement on what parents choose to purchase/register for for their kiddos. It is merely my personal point of view on which items you should get, which ones are nice to have but not necessary, and which ones you can definitely live without. After doing endless research pre-baby, thinking I’d found all the best and most necessary items, I still found that we ended up with a lot of things that were barely/not used and a lot of things we ended up wishing we’d had on hand.
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But, How?

We haven’t left our path to our baby bird’s conception a mystery, not at all. We’ve both written (here and here) about the trials and tribulations of infertility, quite openly. It took us almost two years, forgotten sums of money, and a team of dedicated medical professionals to turn our baby girl from a specimen container into a reality.
Which is why I was dumbfounded when, without all of the fanfare, planning, and preparation that she invested into breaking the news the first time, my wife woke me up by poking me in the chest with a positive pregnancy test. Continue reading “But, How?”

Mama-Baby Marketing

So if you are anything like me you’re likely filled once with disgust at the way that companies market to pregnant women, and again by the sheer volume of “essential” baby products there are in the parenting market. You may also be a little disappointed at how susceptible your pregnant woman (or expectant man, for that matter) can be to the influence of anything “for baby,” but I guess those two kinda go hand-in-hand. You can’t have parasitic marketing without a vulnerable population to eat it all up.

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