Her First Year

After a little bit of a writing hiatus, during which I really intended to accomplish a slew of goals but fell far, far short, I wanna share with you some photos of our baby bird’s first birthday.


She’s become such a little person in such a short time. She explores, loves to investigate, asks for juice and water and baba, and pulls my earbuds to her own ears to listen to music. God, she loves music. She dances (bounces, really. Like seizure fits and jerks) to whatever song is playing, even if its a crappy soundtrack to a low-budget children’s cartoon. She even bangs her head like a little rock star!


I am just glad to be able to say (with a touch of shame) that because of my status as an only marginally employed full-time student (almost done with this MBA, hallelujah) I have had the honor and privilege of spending most of this first year right beside my wife, watching our daughter grow. Sure, I’d really like to be putting away more money for her college fund, but these days, hours, and minutes cannot ever be replicated or replaced.


And we are about to do it all over again with number 2.

Ellie was technically full term about two weeks ago, give or take.  Little Man is right there on the cusp of joining us, and could do so at the drop of a hat. That being said, because my wife’s parents are holding a pool to see who can choose the correct birthdate, and because I selected today, we are pulling out the stops and doing all sorts of stuff that is supposed to shove labor into gear. I’ll leave the details about this in our very small circle of trust, but suffice to say it is one of the more enjoyable challenges that I get to face in life.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have an excellent New Year, just in case I don’t write again for another month or three.


P.s.: all of these photos were taken by my wife’s aunt, Raquel Miqueli. Check out her photography on her Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/raquelmiquelidesign/

One thought on “Her First Year

  1. Awe thank you for feeding my obsession for babies and baby related stuff..and please be back in time to tell us about how baby number 2 is doing! Congrats and happy new year
    Your baby is priceless!


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