A Near-Infinite Number of Wars

One of the most difficult aspects of parenthood is born from the knowledge we gain while experiencing the ups and downs of our own lives. By virtue of the mistakes we make, our brushes with death, our time spent in war zones… we know just how quickly this world can damage our children, and it is a terrifying revelation. Those of us with anxiety issues could probably speak volumes on the subject and relay countless anecdotes on the waking nightmare machinations of anxious minds, and the myriad ways in which they’ve already “seen” the world hurt their kids. Thankfully, I do not experience crippling anxiety in that way, but I do still “see” the world and what it is capable of, and it is enough to unsettle me. We are a species that will go out of its way to tear ourselves, and each other, apart.

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In Our House…

…we have dance parties in the kitchen. They happen often and usually without any warning or preparation. One of my kids will start to shimmy, and then ask either me or my wife to dance, and then we turn the music up and it’s game on. When it is time for the parties to end and for the kids to go to bed they usually beg us to keep dancing, saying things like “but we need to get our energies out!” We let them dance for a few more minutes.

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