Infertility, from Mom’s Side of the Bed

I’ve really looked forward to sharing this story for quite a while. Even when we were still in the depths of this journey, unsure of what the outcome would be, I knew I wanted to tell the world about our experience with infertility. We have been very open about it, so if you’ve been close to us in the last few years you probably already know some of this. Infertility is incredibly common, even in “young & healthy” couples. However, like many uncomfortable and/or controversial things, it’s a topic that often goes untouched in even our deepest conversations with our closest friends. I understand that for many, it’s just a very personal part of a relationship that they don’t want to share… but I think so many feel shame because they feel like something is wrong with them. Why can’t my body do what it’s literally made to do? It’s a hard matter to accept- that maybe we won’t be able to have our own child, or that we’ll need medical assistance in order to do so. Beyond that, when we make the decision to start a family, it’s just not something most of us would think about. I know that when we started trying to get pregnant in the summer of 2013, I did not think we would struggle, and I certainly didn’t expect it to take 22 cycles. I honestly didn’t know much about my body or pregnancy at all, but I figured I would just stop taking my birth control and I’d be pregnant within a few months at the most. So, let’s go back to July of 2013.

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