Racist Parenting

One of my only memories that ring crystal-clearly in my head is one of total intolerance.  It actually comprises two separate events, but they are so closely related that I cannot think about one without thinking also about the other.  The details are foggy.  I can’t recall if it was my birthday, or some such other special occasion, but I had a group of classmates over to my home in Virginia.  I was in early grade school, but cannot remember which grade, either.  None of that really matters.  The point is, one of my friends was a black kid named Jared. Continue reading “Racist Parenting”

The Moral Uprightness Imperative, or Why We Spend Sundays in Church Instead of Bed

I’ve only got the one little baby at the moment, just turned 7 months-old a few days ago, but that doesn’t stop me from looking far into the future. Today, my little girl is a mewling, helpless mess. She is as sweet as peach pie, but without us she would be lost. Tomorrow, she will grow into a completely unique and independent person.

I am not fooling myself into believing that I have control over how she turns out, that I can somehow shape and mold her into my idea of a perfect little human. She will fight, she will rebel, and she will eventually come into her own. Best case scenario: it all goes off without a hitch and she catapults to the top of the moral order like Mother Theresa. (Almost) extreme worse case scenario: she figures out who she really is while serving some time in prison for patricide. Either way, that day will come.

I don’t need to explicitly state which route I prefer that she takes. Continue reading “The Moral Uprightness Imperative, or Why We Spend Sundays in Church Instead of Bed”